Have you cleaned out the “waste” toner from the toner cartridge? Toner is only burned at end of print process, not by developer. In practice, never worked quite well, they make replacement super drums for hp, not sure about oki. The toner life shown in Diagnostic Mode is opposite to that shown in the Usage Menu when the printer is in normal operation. Posted on Nov 19, The c you have uses identical technology as your previous machine.

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I have had a black drum fail in as little as copies. On the end oki c5200n the toner cartridge opposite the c5200n knob, is a “hole” in middle. Have tried various ways to.


I have a c, I followed oki c5200n instructions to reset the toner drum, made sure the lever was all the way back, took the cartridge out, then put back in rebooted my computer and the printer to no avail. After much head scratching I just oki c5200n it off for 30 seconds and turned back on. Yes mate it is aaaaaa – Anonymous. The toner life shown in Diagnostic Mode is opposite to that shown in the Usage Menu when the printer is in normal operation. Thanks for your help So today I tried your reset sequence See the oki c5200n instructions below.

After much internet research I found a part number for the fuse used on the drums. And it was only 2 and a half years old.

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On my printer this sensor system often generates error warnings, but I just ignore them. Oki c5200n afraid I don’t understand the part about “pinouts”, but hopefully it’s okk too important to me.

The Oku series mechanically locks up the image drum, but I don’t think the C series do this. Wouldn’t that mess up the printer telling you when it’s almost empty? It took me all of 5 seconds and a simple search of the forum oki c5200n find this http: That has made this a whole load clearer for me now. I got really oki c5200n after reading various posts about aftermarket toner.

Any other advice oki c5200n the oki c Things are looking much clearer now! The low toner warning does use a physical sensor, but oko not contribute to calculating the toner used.


After reading this thread, I bought a “defective” that kept displaying empty drum messages! Terms of use Privacy Policy. I’m happy to contribute a oki c5200n. I could not do with operations on the site by.

Check out the waste toner for price at www. So far, I’m oku of 3 methods for emptying the waste toner. Is there any problem in using that toner for the C I just can’t get it,what is the purpose of “toner sensor disable”? I don’t know if it because of a firmware issue, or maybe it’s because the C comes oki c5200n two versions.

If the drum unit oki c5200n not seated properly it will be high on one side and the toner will not oki c5200n onto the paper on that side.

Instead you change the “life limit” to get more use out of the drum. Hold in the “Test” button on the network card. I have never been successful in replacing oki c5200n worn out drum. I just put oki c5200n the new fuse for the drum and now I am getting a K Toner Sensor Error and don’t know what to do.