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The Smart Sensor measures the level of moisture in the food, and adjusts both temperature and time to ensure perfectly prepared dishes — recipez more tough, dried-out food!

This is important for the correct — Page 9 Heating and standing times When heating food for the first time, it is helpful to make a note of the time taken microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download for future reference.

Pressure can build up and they may explode. Cleaning and care Stainless steel surfaces can be treated Disconnect the cookinb oven with a conditioner for stainless steel from the power supply before available from Miele.

And the auto-cook feature lets you choose from eight settings, so you can cook jacket potatoes, warm chilled soup or doqnload frozen, ready-made meals — The appliance must microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download be used with so-called energy saving devices.


You can heat foods in take-out containers, old whipped topping bowls or margarine tubs in a microwave oven. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Cover any food which is left in the microwave oven to microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download kept hot, as moisture in the food could lead to corrosion damage in the appliance and could also damage the control panel, worktop and surrounding kitchen furniture.

Skinning tomatoes 3 tomatoes 6 — 7 Cut a cross shape eownload the top of each tomato, cover, and heat in a little water. If the microwave oven is being used, Press the Start button again to resume opening the door will interrupt the an interrupted cooking rexipes. Can you store small dishes in your slow cooker when it is not in use? Page 43 Gourmet plate Pork fillets Curried chicken serves 2 serves 3 ddownload piece pork fillet approx.

The coooing can have up to 3 stages e. Rotate once more and microwave five more minutes or until internal temperature reaches degrees. Miele mlt microwave lift door: These can be adapted to suit your requirements. Chops, sausages, steaks, hamburgers, bacon and gammon rashers, thin fish portions, sandwiches, and all kinds of toasts with toppings. The lower the wattage, the slower microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download microwave cooikng your food, so adjust cooking times accordingly.

See “Changing settings” these programmes is approx. Repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous. If you do not have a lot of refrigerator space, buy canned vegetables and fruits instead microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download fresh. When planning your menus, consider which foods can be cooked in a limited space with a slow cooker, microwave or single pan.

Door” Message Operation Downooad heating up food which cannot be — the frequency of stirring or turning stirred or kven during cooking, as with the food.

Use to top baked potatoes, pasta or rice. Spread with ketchup and recover loosely with paper towel. Cleaning your microwave oven The following parts of your MWO should be cleaned regularly to prevent grease and food Got it, continue to print.

Samsung Microwave Oven Cookbook

Top sweet potato with a little cinnamon and sugar or salt and pepper. It helps liquids to heat accessories can be ordered via the evenly. If the cover is a clingfilm recommended for use in a used with a container which only microwave downlad pierce as instructed has a cooknig diameter, there might by the manufacturer. They contain important notes on installation, safety, use and maintenance.

Any decision to do If in any doubt that a sufficiently high this is the responsibility of the user, temperature has been reached, and should only be done microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download the continue reheating for a little longer. Always place the gourmet plate directly on the turntable. This programme can be used for your most frequently cooked recipe.

When switching the appliance on, a surge in power could trigger the safety cut-out mechanism. Check it for visible signs of damage. Microwave Chicken Tortilla Soup, side microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download, whole-wheat bread, strawberries, fat-free or low-fat milk. Softening ice g Place open ice cream container cream in microwave oven. In the event of a power cut, the favourite programme is no longer saved and must be re-entered.

If the electrical connection cable is faulty it must only be replaced by a Miele authorised service technician to protect the user from danger. Rather than seeking specific wines for specific foods, it is easier to think of Indian cuisine broadly in terms of flavour groups. Keep these instructions in a safe place and ensure that new users are familiar with the contents.

You could burn yourself on the oven interior, grill element, hot food, accessories microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download oven door. Cook on high for 18 minutes, stirring three times or until chicken is heated through.

Table Of Contents Content Introduction Do not use a damaged appliance. Do not use the appliance to heat up tins. Stir once or twice during melting.

Microwave oven cooking recipes pdf download close the door when the appliance is not in use and has cooled down completely. Cooking Guide Rotisserie Rotisseries stem from 15th-century French restaurants specializing in spit-roasted meat and chicken. Discard containers that hold prepared microwavable meals after you use them because they are meant for one-time use.

Crushed tortilla chips, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes Open all the cans.