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Views Read Edit View history. Armenian mafia Azerbaijani mafia Georgian mafia Russian downlooad including Chechen mafia Ukrainian mafia. An alleged criminal gang of Ambonese origin is Satudaraha known one-percenter motorcycle club. Corsican mafia Unione Corse Milieu.

British firms Irish Mob.

Ebook Borgerokko Maffia as PDF Download Portable Document Format

Armed robbery and prostitution are known activities of the Dutch Moroccan groups as well. Criminal outfits such as the Turkish mafiaDownloaeSerbian mafiaRussian MafiaAlbanian Mafiaand the ‘Ndrangheta are not regarded as a part of the traditional Penosealthough they’re an active mocro maffia pdf download of the Dutch criminal underworld nonetheless. There are a lot of Crip-gangs in the Netherlands but only 12 of them are regarded as a serious criminal organization. It is home to organized criminal mocro maffia pdf download active in the production, transport and distribution of synthetic narcotics and marihuana, as well as in the importation of hashish and cocaine, controlled by both local Flemish and Dutch criminal entrepreneurs.

Often these local criminals groups are strongly connected with, or in some cases even have an official membership to, outlaw motorcycle gangs such as the Hells Angels MC.

Certain criminals have also progressed to the trafficking of cocaine. Dutch Ambonese gangsters are involved in kidnappingarmed robberyextortion and drug traffickingespecially the growing and illegally distributing of marihuana.

The 12 criminal gangs are mostly composed of older adolescent males in contrast to the majority of the street gangs which are composed of youths who are involved in organized mfafia such as drug mocro maffia pdf downloadarms traffickingprostitutioncontract killing and mocdo.

Penose usually means the organisations formed by criminals of Dutch descent. Penose Founding location Netherlands Territory Netherlands Ethnicity Predominantly Dutchother ethnicities include MoroccansSurinameseDutch Antilleansand Molluccans Criminal activities Arms traffickingassaultdrug traffickingextortionfraudhuman traffickingmurdertheft. Mcro Belang van Limburg. Due to the Netherlands’ large Moluccan Ambonese community kejahatan groups also mocro maffia pdf download in the Netherlands.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Organized crime in the Netherlands goes back to the 18th century when organized groups of mocro maffia pdf downloadpimps and shady travelling salesmen created a cant language named Bargoens to communicate with each other.

Until this day the word Mocro maffia pdf download which mkcro from Bargoens is still used by some people to describe the Dutch underworld in which the organized crime bosses thrive.

Pages using infobox criminal organization with ethnicity or ethnic makeup parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November The word kejahatan is Indonesian for ‘committing crime’ and has since become a synonym for Moluccan organized crime.

maffoa The penose is the organized criminal underbelly mocro maffia pdf download Amsterdam and other major cities in the Netherlands. Indigenous organized crime based in some of The Netherlands’ major cities, mainly Amsterdam and The Haguemostly has origins in the traditional working-class quarters.

While the term Penose was and still is used to describe the ethnic Dutch crime lords, it has been used in a broader context. Retrieved from mocro maffia pdf download https: Georganiseerde misdaad onder Marokkanen in Nederland”. Redirected from Dutch organized crime. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ambonese gangsters have traditionally also assisted other criminal enterprises.

It is a slang word coming from the old Amsterdam Bargoens language.

The Amsterdam district Bijlmermeer for instance has been the scene of violence between two of its biggest gangs, the Hopi Boys and the Kloekhorststraat Gang. Gang wars over turf have appeared from time to time.

These small groups mainly consist of local career criminals that band together for their involvement in organized criminal activities such as mocro maffia pdf downloadloan sharkingprostitution and narcotics. The reason why Surinamese, Antillean, Moroccan and Ambonese groups are downnload to be a part of the Penose is because their criminal groups were formed and based in the Mocrl, whereas the Turkish or Serb gangs are part of a criminal group based in their home country.