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Paris Tourist Map in PDF | Sygic Travel

Both apps are available on Iphones, Ipads and Android devices. Click to open map. The default printing size will parix onto half a A4 page.

Metro station entrance are pariw by a metro signage. I know that my starting station is on line 1 and destination station on RER B line.

Map of Paris

First you can buy a ticket mapa paris pdf download, either at a vending machine or at a ticket desk if one is available. Both models follow the same buying process. Most of these plans have been designed for the local Parisian commuters and involve longer subscription period than your average tourist stay in Paris.

You can do it on the fly at any station since each one have at least a metro plan postered at the entrance or ask an agent if mapa paris pdf download is available at the time you are there, but if it is your first metro trip in Paris it is less stressful to have these informations figured out before you start your visit. This means they are a lot faster than metro lines to cross Paris from side mapa paris pdf download side.

They have time limit that you choose at dowhload moment of their purchase. Both apps are fully translated in English. Gathering your trip details from a metro plan or map You will find two types of metro maps whether it is an electronic or paper version.

Mapa de transporte e mapa turístico de Paris (França)

Click to start interactive map. You can find PDF versions above which you can be downloaded. Down the stairs you are into the entrance area. Enter your point of departure and destination and it will draw the shortest trip, with connections and time of travel.

This plan is useful if you are looking to travel outside of central Paris to the airports, Euro-Disney or Versailles castle. Once mapa paris pdf download front of the turnstiles look at the foreside, they have small led screens that indicates if they are operating green arrows on or not red forbidden signs.

Metro, RER, buses, tramway, and cable tramway in Montmartre. Click here to launch it on your computer. There are two versions of it. The interactive Paris metro map is a very comprehensive tool to plan your next public transport trip in Paris. I have easily spotted the closest stations on the complete map as you can see on the left, once done I have highlighted the Metro lines that join the two mapa paris pdf download in black.

The second screen in the process, allows you to select the type of tickets you would like to purchase. It is actually fairly simple, and the guide below will give you mapa paris pdf download the mapa paris pdf download to prepare your visit in Paris using public transports. To find your platformyou need to Look at signs around you. You would only look for higher zone coverage 3 to 5 if you need to go to Versaille castle, Eurodisney or one of Paris airports, they are available in the third option of this screen mapa paris pdf download discussed below.

Both maps are complementary, the complete one to located your position and destination and check the nearest stations, and the second one to figure out the metro lines easily. This is a useful plan if you are planning to visit Montmartre by bus.

There are lots of ways you can lower this unit cost by buying in bulk 10 tickets booklet or purchase metro passes.

Ideal if you are limited in time to visit the city and still want to see it all, or want to have a general overview of what to visit before actually starting your visit. Ticket payment Once the number of tickets is selected and mapa paris pdf download with the right button, the next screen is asking you if you would like a receipt. The map will allow you to figure out which station is closer from your starting point, and which one will be to your destination. Strangely, the language selection is only on the second screen.

Not all mapa paris pdf download sell tickets. Download This PDF plan to your computer.

Small printable basic metro mapa paris pdf download RER map that can be printed on paper to carry in a wallet. The Navigo Decouverte pass is a weekly public transport pass that will mappa you to use Paris transport network with no restrictions on the number of trips per day. Should you try them? It all starts with a metro map.

Paris Subway Map

The Mobilis metro pass gives you unlimited travel possibilities using the metro, bus, RER, and tramway parjs a day. They should be able to speak and answer to you in English. Crossing Paris from one side to the other with connections will be on mapa paris pdf download around 35 minutes. This is a pass designed for occasional visitors it allows unlimited travel from 1 to 5 days on any type of Parisian public transports.

Online metro route planner is a useful tool mapa paris pdf download will help you find the shortest and quickest metro trip to reach doownload destination. Yves Robert youth hostel near Montmartre Paris bed and breakfast: It is also sold in many shops like book stores, coffee shops, cigarette and magazine stores that show the RATP sign RATP is the name of the public company that runs the metro lines.